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Liberty Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.‚Äč


Rev. Charles H. Perry, Pastor/Teacher

Bible Study Resources

As believers in Jesus Christ, we encourage you to study the Word of God. Ask God to help you to understand the true meaning of His Word as you study! Pray, read your bible daily, believe what you read, meditate on the Word of God and ask God for guidance throuout each day. Don't be ashame to ask for help! We are all sisters and brothers in Christ. Our pastor constantly reminds us that "No one knows everything about God, therefore we need to earnestly study!"

Recommended study Bibles

  • Believer's Study Bible, New King James Version, by Thomas Nelson publishers
  • Nelson Study Bible, New King James Version, by Thomas Nelson publishers
  • Thompson Chain Reference, by B.B Kirkbride Bible Co.

Available in King James or New King James Version, edited by Dr. Frank Charles Thompson. The result of a lifetime of organized Bible study. Also has excellent subject indexes, helps and outlines of the books of the Bible. Excellent for organized study of Bible subjects.

Free Bible Computer Programs:

On-Line Bible Study Tools and Commentaries: